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Dessign Office "PROINWES" came into being in 1992.
It is located in Cracow (Krakow - Poland), Jozefitow-Street 6 .
The study is equipped with 9 computer posts and 1 printing plot, with 5 designers and 4 assistants working there. All of the designers are members of appropriate, professional Chambers of Design. We develope and improve our professional qualifications while participating in conferences and in advanced vocational trainings organised by vocational associations.
Static calculation and drawings are performed only by the use of computers and authorised software.
Static calculations are accomplished in such computer programmes as: Robot, Ram-Win, PlaTo. Drawings are carried out by the use of CAD-programmes with upgrade and plug-in extensions.
The Design Office in its 12-year long activity, while cooperating with other, different architectural companies and branches, performed many projects including housing construction, industrial construction and public buildings.
Recently, our company has increased the range of new projects by designing Health Service buildings in full.
Because of wide range of activities, the Design Office is civil liability insured.


ul. Jozefitow 6
30-039 Krakow

tel. +48 12 2946355
fax. +48 12 2946356